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tv   [untitled]    December 28, 2010 6:30pm-6:40pm PST

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our various stakeholders, particularly our main tenants that the temporary terminal, to find a way to provide restrooms to the transit users. i am happy to report we will be providing restrooms to the transit riders, and we are currently working out a deal with ac transit. we will be presenting those deals in january. we will be providing restrooms. chairman ford: thank you. any questions? that conclude your report? any questions of the executive director? ok. next item. >> public comment on the executive director's report. >> my name is john kaufman.
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i drive through the attempt -- i goes through the temporary terminal every day. i am here to thank and congratulate the authority for moving from a fairly hostile position to where you have come to. i think this is progress. i am looking forward to january when the details are worked out. i think the use of the restroom by laggards will be minimal. it is just making it available for those needed. i think there are costs involved, but they should be minimal. i am very hopeful that you will
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be able to resolve those problems and get the rest rooms open. we appreciate you listening and your response of this today. chairman ford: thank you. it looks like we have another public comment. >> my name is francisco decosta. i attend most of the meetings in city hall. i have been studying the process. some of you i know very well. what i am here to state is, in this city and county of san francisco, i would like to see some accountability and transparency when it comes to
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outreach. i do not want to really expose what has been happening, but as a person who is at ground zero, watching and dealing with the constituents of san francisco, in these dire economic times, this is an opportunity. with the exception of mr. lloyd, i know all of you pretty well. all i will say is, i would like you to monitor and report on the real out reach on fte's available in san francisco.
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right now, what i am doing is adding to the documentation. i have a web site. i have access to several websites. i do not want to pass any gray clouds, negativity, without first giving an opportunity to you, directors, to focus on the out of reach in san francisco. thank you. >> that includes members who wish to address you. chairman ford: let's move onto public comment. >> members of the public have the opportunity to address you on items not on the calendar. i have not received any notification. chairman ford: ok we are ready to move into the consent calendar.
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ok. any individual who wishes to address the board under public comment, please give the board secretary the ridden public, it slip. -- written public comment slip. >> good morning. stan rogers, a local small- business owner in san francisco. my concern with the sbe programs going on, i have looked at several of the programs going on in san francisco, and there are goals set for sbe participation and a lot of the goals are not being met and it is very discouraging for us. we have to meet goals in order
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to be certified in the sbe program. i feel like the bigger projects that are put out here, there has been an effort to use sbe, but i do not think there has been a bona fide effort to use sbe's in these programs. i look at the number being considered on these projects. 95% of them are below the standards of the goals that were set forth in this project. i feel a lot of these goals are not attainable for sbe's because of the size of some of these packages. instead of their just being a good faith effort -- there just being a good faith effort as
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stipulated in the contract, there should be an independent panel or somebody to evaluate these good faith efforts so that small and local business can become a part of these bigger projects, and not a smaller portion of the projects going on in the city. chairman ford: thank you. are there any other public commenters? it appears we have one more. good morning. >> good morning, chairman, directors. my name is jim stevens. i represent the small business community of san francisco. my company is a construction company. we are certified in san francisco. i tend to mirror the comments of my colleagues.
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i must commend the people that spoke before with regard to the sbe, dbe's. it sounds nice, however, i would mirror chairman ford's comments about the difference between perception and reality. the perception is that everything is being done, but the reality is, we are going through something else. i would also like to reinforce with you that we have a better measurement of what is really going on within small business communities, specifically with the construction area. have a wonderful holiday. chairman ford: thank you. you do the same. >> we can move into your consent
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calendar. all matters are routine and will be acted on by a single vote. we have not received any indication that a member of the public wishes to have any items severed. your items areapproving the minutes of the november 1, 2010 meeting.authorizing the executive director to execute contract modification no. 2 to agreement no. 08-07-contt-000 with mcguire and hester for additional construction services required as part of the temporary terminal project, increasing the contract by $378,700 for a total contract sum of $20,521,677.18. chairman ford: properly moved. seconded. all those in favor say aye. >> the consent calendar is approved. we can go ahead and move into the regular calendar. item eight.
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approving an amendment to contract no. 08-04-cmgc-000, authorizing webcor/obayashi joint venture to award a trade subcontract to balfour beatty infrastructure inc. as the responsible bidder submitting the lowest responsive bid in the


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